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Crochet 101: Simple Flower

 Welcome back to Crochet 101, friends!  Today I have a small and simple project for you that I think you’re going to like.  It combines four stitches you already know: chain, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch.

First, make your knot to get started, then chain 6.  
Slip stitch in the first chain to form a circle, just like we did to begin the granny square.
Now, do 12 single crochets {sc} into the center hole.  You’ll get a ring that looks like this: 

Chain 2 and do 2 dc in the sc closest to your chain.  Ch 2 more and slip stitch in that same sc.
Slip stitch in the next sc to skip it.  Slip stitch in the sc after that, then ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2, ss {repeating what you did for the first petal}.
At this point, I’ll be honest, it kind of looks like Mickey Mouse. :)  Don’t worry, though, as you get the rest of the petals in place, they’ll end up closer together and actually look like a flower instead.

Repeat, going all the way around the ring, until you have six petals.  Join with a ss to first ch 2.

That’s all there is to it!  You can make these in any color you like, and the size will vary depending on the size hook you use.  With my I/9 hook, they turn out about 2.5″; a smaller hook will make a smaller flower and a larger one can make a really big bloom!

They don’t take long to make at all once you get the hang of it, and you can use them for all kinds of things!  Here are a few ideas!
* sew or glue them onto a tote bag
* use them to embellish a headband
* wrap a vase or jar with burlap and add one of these on top
* sew them to a shirt
* glue them to barrettes or pins
* add one to your crochet coffee cozy!
* use them on a purse or backpack

What other fun ways can you think of to use these?
Hugs & Glitter,

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Crochet 101: Granny Square

Welcome back to Crochet 101!  Today, we’re going to learn a new project, a simple {promise!} Granny Square.

Granny Squares can be used in a number of different kinds of projects.  One square can get as large as you choose to make it and can become anything from a hot pad to a big square blanket!  Many people make afghans by joining Granny Squares together.  
For example, here’s an afghan made by my friend ChiWei at One Dog Woof.
My friend Kara at Petals to Picots even made a purse!
There are variations for how to make a Granny Square, so there’s not necessarily a “right” way vs. a “wrong” way {unless you’re following a particular project pattern, in which case, do what the pattern says!}, but this is pretty much a standard basic way to make them.

 Our Granny Square is going to combine two stitches you already know: the chain {ch} and the double crochet {dc}, plus the ever useful slip stitch {ss}.

STEP 1: Make your slip knot and chain 5.

STEP 2: Slip stitch in first chain.
This is new!  We’re going to stick the hook back in the first chain, wrap, and pull through both loops and watch what happens…

We end up with a circle!  How fun is that!  This makes the foundation, the center of your square! 

STEP 3: Chain 3 {this serves as the first dc} and do 2 dc in the center of the circle. 

STEP 4: ch 2, 3 dc  Repeat until you have 4 sets of 3 dc, and 4 ch 2 spaces that look like corners.  Slip stitch in first ch 3.
At this point, if you want to be fancy-schmancy and change colors, you can!  Just finish off, and start by joining a new color in one of the corners.  If you are continuing with the same color like I am, ch 3 and turn!

STEP 5: For this next row, you’re going to count that ch 3 as the first dc, then 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc.  That will form a corner.  Ch 2, then do 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in the next corner.  Repeat until you’re back where you started and join with a slip stitch.

At the end of this row, you’ll have a small square that looks like this:

Depending on your project, you could stop here, or you can keep on going!  For each consecutive row, you’re going to follow the same pattern.

Ch 3, turn.  Do 2 more dc.
For each space that is NOT a corner, you’ll do 3 dc, ch 1
When you ARE in a corner, do 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 1

Make sense?

You can keep going and going and going until your square is the size you want it to be!
Have fun!  I’d love to see pics of your squares and/or how you use them!

Hugs & Glitter,
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Crochet 101: The V-Stitch

Hey, friends!  Time for another installment of Crochet 101!  Grab those hooks and some yarn and let’s learn a new stitch!

Today, we’re going to be learning a decorative stitch, called the “V-Stitch.” It’s easy-peasy to do, because it’s just combining two things you already know how to do: a double crochet and a chain stitch!  {If you missed those tutorials, hop on over and check them out first, or grab the free e-book!} It also goes quickly, and it creates an open, lacy look that I think you’re going to like!  

Before we can begin the V-Stitch, we have to have a foundation.  So, we’ll start with a slip knot and chain 11.

Then, single crochet in each chain going across, starting with the second chain from the hook.  When you reach the end, chain 2 and turn.  This will give us a solid foundation to work our V-Stitches in.

Now, here comes the fun part!  We’re going to skip the first sc.  Then, in the next one, we do a double crochet.  Now, chain 1, and put your hook back down in the same hole and do a second double crochet {dc, ch1, dc}.  This creates our “V.”  

See how both dc are inside the same stitch?

Now, to continue across, skip 2 sc, then repeat our “V,” skip 2 sc, and repeat again.  You don’t need to chain between V-Stitches, just go from one right into the next one.  So you’ll be doing this:

dc, ch 1, dc, skip 2 sc, dc, ch 1, dc, and so on

When you get to the end, skip 1 sc and do a dc in the chain 2 spot.

To keep going, ch 2 and turn, then work a “V” inside each existing V-Stitch, like so!  Double crochet in the end dc, ch 2 and turn.

 As you keep going, your piece will get longer and longer, like this, and will have that open, lacy look!  What do you think?

I’d love to hear how it goes for you if you try this stitch!  And I still want to see pictures of your coffee cozies too!  Tag me on FB, Instagram, or Twitter when you share your photos, or email them to me at dancers4life{at}gmail{dot}com!

Hugs & Glitter,

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Crochet 101: Double Crochet

It’s time to learn the next stitch together, friends!  Today, we will be learning the double crochet.
In a pattern, you’ll see it abbreviated as “dc.”  It has several more steps involved than the previous stitches we’ve learned, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy-peasy!  Take a look:

Wrap your yarn around the hook once before you insert the hook into the previous row of stitches.

Place your hook down through the hole, wrap your yarn and bring it back up through the same hole.  You will now have three loops on your hook.

Wrap yarn around your hook again above the three loops.

Pull through two of the three loops on your hook, but not the last one.  You will now have two loops on your hook.

Wrap yarn one more time.

 Pull through the remaining two loops on your hook.

There you have it, a double crochet!

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Crochet Coffee Cozy

Friends, if you’ve been following along with this series, let me congratulate you on completing parts 1-4 of Crochet 101!  Well done!
You’ve learned to make a slip knot, a chain stitch, a single crochet, and a slip stitch.  There are lots more stitches, and we will cover those in upcoming posts, but for now, you have everything you need to make your first simple project!  Ready?  Here goes…
I know, you’re shocked that I would decide to make a cozy for my Starbucks cups, aren’t you?  Ha.

- yarn {your choice of color}
- crochet hook, size I/6
- 25-28mm button {I used Palmira from}
- thread, scissors, needle

Foundation: Ch 10

Row 1: sc in second chain from hook and each chain across, turn {9 sc}

Row 2: ch 1, sc in first sc and in each across, turn {9 sc} *Repeat Row 2 until your piece reaches approximately 8 3/4″.
This length will comfortably fit a Starbucks cup.  I recommend having an empty cup on hand that’s the size you want to use your cozy for so that you can determine how long it needs to be to wrap the cup completely with just a bit of overlap.

Buttonhole: ss in first four sc, chain 6, skip fifth sc and ss in last four sc
This will accomodate a 25-28mm button.  If your button is smaller or larger than that, adjust the number of chains that form your loop.

Border: 2 sc in corner stitch, sc along long edge evenly until you reach the corner.
2 sc in corner stitch, sc along short edge,

1 sc in bottom corner and evenly in every stitch until you reach the final corner,

sc once in corner and in first 3 ss, ss in 4th sc,
ss in each ch of the button loop,
ss in next ss, sc in final 3 stitches

Join, cut, and tuck ends.

Sew your button in place.  I recommend wrapping your cozy around a cup to see where the button needs to go.

Ta-da!  You made a coffee cozy!

You can totally change the look of your cozy by using different colors and a variety of fun buttons!  The Erlinda, pictured below, is one of my absolute favorite buttons ever; I love the natural look {it’s made from coconut!} and the gorgeous flower!


And, I know you’re wondering, so let me answer your question…yes, that is a bona-fide Starbucks cup that once held a very real and delectable salted caramel hot chocolate.  Nowadays, the cup lives in my laundry room {sans the cool cozy} and collects spare change and the occasional $5 bill I find in my guys’ pockets.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get going!  Go make yourself a cozy…mine took about an hour, I think, which flew by while I was watching cartoons with LC.  These are great gifts to whip up for a friend, and hey, Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation are around the corner…why not make a few extras?  If you make one {or more!}, I’d love to see!  Send me your picture via email {dancers4life{at}gmail{dot}com}, or share it via Instagram {@oneartsymama}, Twitter {@oneartmama}, or Facebook!  I’d be thrilled if I got enough to make a little collage I could share!  If you blog about it, send the link too, so I can promote it.

Hugs & Glitter,
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