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Hey, friends, remember how I told you a few months ago about what a lifesaver Netflix is for our family?  At the time, we were pretty new to the whole thing and I was just thrilled that Little Crafter was able to view some of his favorite shows, like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, without us having to pay an expensive cable bill!  We’ve also used the DVD service a few times and rented Brave, Wall-E, and Prince of Egypt.  Up until recently, though, Little Crafter was the primary user of our Netflix account, happily going to the kids’ page and watching his shows during his quiet time.

Netflix Family Page

Well, I just recently found out about a great new feature {and it’s even accessible to non-members!}, the Netflix Families Page, and I think you’re going to find it as helpful as I do!  They’ve created 10 different lists full of suggestions to meet all your summertime viewing needs!

You can browse great suggestions for Family Movie Night, TV for Curious Kids, Are We There Yet {Great Titles to Take on Vacation}, Get Ready for Preschool, Quiet Time, Catch Up TV for Busy Parents, Show Your Kids the World, Superhero Movies for You and Your Teens, & Movies Based on Bestsellers.  

And…are you ready for this?  There’s one category that literally caused me to squeal a little.  Classics to Share With Your Kids.  If you grew up in the 80’s/90’s like I did, you are going to freak. out.  Are you sitting down?  Netflix has…

He-Man and She-Ra
Jem {I thought I was the only one who watched that!}
The Wonder Years
Family Ties
Saved by the Bell!!…and more of your favorite classics!


{Confession time…honestly, the hubby and I may or may not have bought a special DVD player five years ago that plays international discs so that we could watch the Saved by the Bell wedding episode we bought on ebay.}

Anyway, I digress.  We have been using the lists this summer to help us come up with fun things to do…and not just watching the movies themselves!  Like I mentioned the other day, Little Crafter is constantly whining, “What should I doooooo?”  I’m sure he’s not the only one, which is why parents spend nearly double on summer entertainment than they do even on holidays.  So, I’ve been using the suggested movies in these collections to inspire activities and crafts too before and after we watch them.  Today, I thought I’d show you some fun ways your family can experience The Lorax.

Little Crafter and I are huge Dr. Seuss fans, so I knew he’d enjoy the film.  I’d been wanting to see it myself, so when it showed up in the Family Movie Night collection, I was excited to watch it together.  I wanted to take it a step further though, because I didn’t want LC to just think it was a funny movie and miss the message.  The film teaches that we have to take responsibility for caring for our environment and maintaining the ecosystem, which is an important reminder for all of us.  So, here are some learning activities and crafts that reinforce those ideas!

Activity #1: Nature Scavenger Hunt
Make a list of things that are part of the ecosystem, like leaves, flowers, soil, sticks/branches, pinecones, and anything else you can think of.  Have your child{ren} search for those things in your neighborhood.  Once they find the items on the list, talk about how they are inter-related.


Activity #2: Take a Hike!
Take a day trip to a place where you can really be in nature.  We went to a local state park/waterfalls area and LC actually did a scavenger hunt there too. Picnic in the great outdoors and let your kids see what things are like in areas that haven’t been cleared for housing developments and shopping centers.  Let them climb on rocks, jump in the lake, and experience the natural world!

nature trail

Activity #3: Plant something!
Get your hands dirty planting flowers, vegetables, herbs, or any kind of seeds, then enjoy watching them grow!  Bonus fun time if you decorate the pots first!  For specific ideas, see our Polka Dot Flowerpots, Paint Drip Flowerpot, and Fabric Covered Flowerpots!


Activity #4: Make and utilize a reusable canvas bag.
Instead of using and wasting paper and plastic bags from the grocery store, talk about the importance of reusable canvas totes.  Let your little crafter{s} decorate their own reusable bag to carry toys, snacks, and other goodies.  Puff paint and stamps or toilet paper rolls makes great designs, and you can even add a photo!


Activity #5: Play with trash!
Before you throw away those empty toilet paper rolls, why not craft with them?  Turn them into monsters or use them as stampers to decorate a canvas for your home!


These are just a few ways you can turn Family Movie Night into a week-long educational experience!  Most of them cost very little, including the Netflix Subscription, which is just $7.99/mo.  Yep, it’s cheaper to subscribe for a whole year than it is to take a family of five to the movies twice {without popcorn}!  And, many families in the U.S. already have three or more Netflix-ready devices in their household. Netflix works on a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii.

Whether you’re a subscriber or not, I hope you’ll check out the Families Page and see all the suggestions to meet your entertainment needs this summer; for the kids, for you, and for the whole family!

Hugs & Glitter,

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Visit for more information on the best ways to stream as well as videos from families using Netflix.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Netflix

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6 comments on Netflix Families: Something for Everyone

  1. Kirsten @ One Tough Mother
    July 11, 2013 at 8:34 AM (2 years ago)

    I can’t wait to check out all the cool shows on Netflix! I can introduce Marley to all the stuff I used to love when I was a kid! :) Thanks for the heads-up! Great list of fun activities, too – now if only it’ll stop raining here in GA long enough to get outside and do some of them…
    Kirsten @ One Tough Mother recently posted…DIY Marker Dot Art with The Write DudesMy Profile

  2. Kadie
    July 11, 2013 at 9:40 AM (2 years ago)

    We LOVE, LOVE netflix!! In fact we are looking at doing away with our cable because we can watch most of the things we like on netflix. However I hadn’t looked into the family page, I’ll be doing that soon.:)
    Kadie recently posted…The Project Stash Party #6My Profile

  3. Marilyn
    July 18, 2013 at 10:58 AM (2 years ago)

    I LOVED The Wonder Years….thanks for the family inspiration and the walk down TV memory lane!
    Marilyn recently posted…The Project Stash 7My Profile


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