Round 3 Projects and VOTE!

It’s voting day again, friends!!  Take a look at the fabulous projects our Top 10 created using Glitter and then choose up to 5 of your favorites who you’d like to see move on to the Top 5!  And remember, the top vote recipient in this round will be receiving a glitter prize package from our friends at!

Don’t forget, to cast your votes, click the word “vote” that appears ABOVE the thumbnail photo{s} you like at the bottom of the post.

ENTRY A: Glittery Tissue Poms

Well, I’m spreading my wings here using glitter! I made some tissue pom poms from old sewing patterns, then edged the ruffles with silver glitter paint. Now, what to do with them? I decided to continue the sewing theme and cut a “Sew Fun” banner, embellished with dots of silver glitter paint, then attached it to an old rake that I spray painted. I added spools and bobbins to the rake tines and glued buttons along the bottom for more fun color. I propped it in a corner of my sewing/craft/office space- easy to move and fun to look at.

ENTRY B: Glittered Mixed Media Art Project
 I present to you my glittered mixed media art project.  I struggled, a lot to say the least, with this project.  I thought, planned, crafted, scrapped it all and then started over again.  I finally felt content when this was finished.  For the stripes I used a chalkboard paint and glitter spray paint so it would have a good matte/glitter contrast.  For the sticks, I rummaged in my front yard for some scraps and spray painted them with diamond dust spray paint so they would shimmer.  From the start, to the very end, this project was trouble for me, but I am happy to say, I am done!  I hope you enjoy!

ENTRY C: Cupcake Tealight Holder

With some inspiration from a friend, I decided to make a faux decorated cupcake for this round. The clay roses and leaves have been “sugared” with iridescent glitter as has the “icing” on the cupcake. The tealight holder is embedded in a styrofoam ball and can be reused as the candle burns away. These would make great gifts for bridesmaids or favors for a princess birthday party!!

ENTRY D: Glittery Paper Butterfly Rings

Need some bling on your fingers but can’t be bothered to buy the super expensive diamond ring? What can be easier than to use glitter? You can make this simple and easy glittery butterfly ring on your own. All you need is a piece of paper, a plain ring, glitters and a little bit of patience in paper cutting (if you don’t own a paper cutting tool like me)! It may not be as shiny as the diamond ring, but at least it glitters up your fingers ;)
ENTRY E: Pendants & Earrings

Pendants and earrings made of a few layers of 160 gsm paper.  I cut out the design and glued the layer on another.  Then I put on a layer of glue and sprinkled with glitter.
ENTRY F: Glittery Party Shoes

Who doesn’t love a fancy pair of party shoes? We had a pair of black scuffed shoes that were worn out and headed for the trash. I decided to save them, and got to work on adding some glittery fabulousness. First, I used Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the shoes and then as the glue for my glitter. I trimmed the shoes with ribbon and a sweet robin’s-egg-blue button. No longer hand-me-down horrors, these shoes are getting their (second) time to shine!
ENTRY G: Glittered 4th of July Outfit

The night of July 4 is one full of fireworks that sparkle.  So what could be fitting than a 4th of July outfit that sparkles too?  My daughter is so excited to wear this outfit.  She is even thinking of other ways to add glitter to her clothes.

ENTRY H: HOME letters

When I heard the material this week was glitter, I’ll be honest. I was terrified. I’m probably the only crafter that hates glitter. It’s messy and I’m a super messy person when I craft so I could just envision a glitter disaster.  But I tried my best to make something that was me but still incorporated glitter. Since I had absolutely NO glitter at my house, I went shopping and was thrilled to find so many paint and glue products 
containing glitter. I began to breathe a sigh of relief. I wouldn’t have to go the messy glitter route. I could go the paint route. I also discovered that Modge Podge has a ton of options and one actually contains glitter. Score! I love Modge Podge!  I bought this woodcut letter design that says HOME a while back and decided the glitter challenge was just what I’d use it for. First I painted the sides and insides of the 
letters with turquoise acrylic paint. Then I painted turquoise glitter paint on top of that. Then I glued scrapbook paper on top of the letters. I used a bunch of layers of glitter Modge Podge on top of the paper and the sides of the letters. Then I just began to add embellishments to accessorize each letter. Totally my style and still used glitter.

ENTRY I: Glittered Bookcase

Glitter!?!?!? Ahhhh!!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one who gasped with both fear and excitement? So after some serious thought I decided to tackle the bookcase/ night stand for my little ladies room. After LOTS of sanding and painting and glittering the finished project turned out absolutely glittertastic!!!! :) 

ENTRY J: Glittered Suncatcher/Windchime

I love the look of the washer jewelry that’s been popping up everywhere. Washers and glitter? Manly and girly? I was on a mission.  I stood for about an hour in the hardware store picking through washer drawers to make sure I didn’t get any that were scratched or double stamped.  I got a lot of strange looks, and even had a guy tease me about needing ‘special washers’. I carefully filled the inside of each washer and fondant cutter with Mod Podge, sprinkled the glitter on, and waited for it to dry.. and waited, and waited, and realized they would have to speed dry in the oven to meet the deadline.  They dried clear so that all you see is suspended glitter through each opening. (the pictures don’t show this well) I hung them up on a metallic painted rod with fishing line. It’s roughly 2×3 ft.
I had a hard time taking pictures of this because.. well.. it did what it was 
supposed to do and swayed and moved in the breeze and reflected the colors surrounding it! I laid it flat to try to get the best picture.
This craft almost didn’t happen.  I hit SO many snafus along the way. When it got down to the last hours for submitting this, even my computer wouldn’t load the pictures! There were so many trials and tribulations with this project. So I hope you can appreciate how this suncatcher wind chime that almost 
wasn’t came to be!

To vote for your favorites, just click “Vote”  ABOVE the thumbnail images of the projects you like.  Voting closes Tuesday June 4 at noon EST.  Check back Tuesday evening to see who’s continuing on and at midnight to find out the new material!

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5 comments on Round 3 Projects and VOTE!

  1. Jen @ Girl in the Garage
    June 3, 2013 at 3:04 PM (2 years ago)

    Wow – I was so glad I didn’t have to use glitter! The contestants came up with some very creative projects though. Good luck everyone! :)

  2. Megs
    June 4, 2013 at 3:18 PM (2 years ago)

    I love that sun catcher!:)


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