Round 2 Projects and VOTE!!

Hi, friends, it’s time to take a look at the fabulous projects our Top 15 contestants created with Washi Tape!  After you’ve seen them all, vote for up to five of your favorite projects to help determine who moves on to the next round of competition!  One quick note: Marcy, who created the fun rolling pin rack during the original entry period and the “State Love” paint project last week had to drop out of the competition due to being placed on strict bed rest as she prepares to deliver twins in the near future!  We’re sorry she isn’t able to continue in the contest, but wish her all the best!!  Tara, who created painted flowerpots in the original round and the Jewelry Organizers last week, has stepped back in for us and entered a washi tape project this week to round out our Top 15.  Now, on to the projects…

ENTRY A: Disney Passport

I made these easy passport books for our upcoming vacation.  I covered the insert of a Dollar Store photo album with washi tape, added some vinyl and now my kids will have a souvenir!

ENTRY B: Washi Tape Earrings

Washi tape has become my new obsession.  I couldn’t see the intrigue at first, but man, the second you use it for one project,  you have to have it in your life.  When I was trying to think of what to do for this challenge, I wanted something original, but I felt that everything had already been done.  So, the other night, while laying in bed trying to avoid sleep, I did a quick Google search for washi tape earrings.  A couple things came up, but not what I had in mind, or what I ended up doing.  

The next day, I loaded my kids up in the car and we took a short trip over to our local craft store so I could find what I needed.  I walked away with some wooden parts that I added the washi tape too.  I filed away the excess, threw on a coat of clear paint, and voila, some pretty awesome earrings.  Of course, I wasn’t able to stop at just one pair.  I mean, honestly, why make one when you can make five?

ENTRY C: Musical Butterfly Shutter

After painting the shutter, I applied music-patterned washi tape to give it some graphic interest. Butterflies (cut with my Cameo) in three sizes and three gradient colors of scrapbook paper add fun color and movement. To tie in with the music theme, I also cut slightly smaller butterflies out of pages from an old hymnal. I layered and glued them to the purple butterflies, leaving the wings free for more three-dimensional flavor. The butterflies were hot glued onto the shutter, starting with the small and light color butterflies on the bottom, flowing to the top with the darker and larger butterflies.

ENTRY D: Sweet Cherry

I removed the clip from an old ring binder.  I´ve painted a MDF board, a clothes pin and the ring binder clip with white acrylic paint and stuck washi tape on it. Also I stuck washi tape on some thumbtacks.
Then I drew “Sweet Cherry” on it and screwed the ring binder clip on the board and glued the clothes pin on. For the finish I sprayed two layers of clear varnish on it.

ENTRY E: Washi Tape Birdhouse

When I heard the next challenge material was washi tape, I’ll admit I was a little intimidated. I have very little
experience with it. As I began to brainstorm for ideas, I remembered a birdhouse that I purchased a while back and have been waiting to embellish. It was plain white and just plain boring. But I added the reddish geometric, teal damask and black polka washi tapes to add a lot of contrast and now it just “pops” with character. My birdhouse is no longer plain boring.

ENTRY F: Lighted Frame turned Magnetic Board

I have 2 confessions to make… I’ve never used washi tape before this project and I have a major weakness for vintage frames!  My current favorite finds are vintage metal frames that once held a photo with a light integrated into the frame at the top. Take the print out, flip the frame over, and that little light nook becomes the perfect place to hold chalk and an eraser, magnets or push pins.  A little paint and a little creativity and an old frame becomes a fantastic message center.  For this project, I chose a fun pink washi tape pattern and cut an inexpensive piece of sheet metal from a home supply store to fit inside the frame.  I taped the washi tape over the cut sheet metal, matching the pattern up to create a graphic magnetic surface.  The frame was painted with a simple white lacquer.  I added some fun magnets… some felt flowers, magnetic metal clips and a small magnetic chalkboard magnet for messages. 

ENTRY G: Vintage Mason Jars with Washi Tape

I have to admit I have a soft spot for washi tape. It just makes everything so beautiful. Earlier this week I bought a case of the vintage blue mason jars at Target for $10. But had no idea what I was going to do with them. So when Amy announced the round 3 material was washi tape I decided to combine the two. Now I have 6 unique mason jars ready to be filled with cookies, chocolates, candy, or flowers. Now I have something prepared for a last minute thank-you, teacher, or hostess gift.

ENTRY H: Washi Tape Specimen Art

I found this picture frame at a garage sale for 25 cents. I loved how thick it was, and knew that it would be great as a specimen art piece. I spray painted it and then gave it a bit of washi tape glam. The butterflies were created by covering cardstock in washi tape and oh-so-carefully lining up the pattern. Then, I cut out the shapes – cardstock and washi together!  I love how this project turned out! It’s colourful and fun, and is perfect wall-art for the spring and summer months. 

ENTRY I: Tape Font

Create your own font with various kinds of tape. Be it with the fancy washi tape or the plain masking tape, you can cheer up your favorite quotes that are hanging on your wall. When washi tape was announced as the material, I first thought of something fun, colorful and playful and this quote from Dr. Seuss quickly came to my mind. I mixed both printed text and “concrete” text to give depth to the whole display. The concrete text is made out of beading threads covered with a tape, forming a taped string. I used colorful tape to highlight the important words and masking tape for the rest to balance the whole thing.

ENTRY J: Washi Wildflowers

While looking for inspiration for this project, I saw a lot of vases decorated with washi tape but I realized I did not see any flowers.  With all of the amazing colorful tapes available to pick from, I decided I would make some “wildflowers.”  I used four different patterns (including cupcakes- my favorite one!) and made the flowers by overlapping strips of tape and then shaping the ends with scissors.  Then I used thin wire for stems and grouped them together in a vintage blue mason jar.  I can’t decide whether to keep it by my kitchen window or on my hutch!

ENTRY K: Beaded Washi Vase & Floral Embellishments

I really wanted to do something different for this round, besides just sticking my tape on something and calling it a day. I decided on a craft where I could use the washi tape in several different ways. I hand stitched pearl beads to each layer of the tape that covers the vase. Then I staggered the layers to create a cascading effect. Using two different colors of tape, I folded little accordion style spires. I also hand stitched AB beads to tape and stitched little washi ruffles out of it. I made tiny, two-toned, six-petaled washi flowers. They have stems made out of jewelry wire that are wrapped in green washi tape. The spires, ruffles, and flowers are all staggered throughout the floral arrangement. This project required a lot of stitching, a lot of little folds, a lot of patience, and a lot of time spent in front of the TV! I think it would make a fun addition to any spring decor.

ENTRY L: Patriotic “Wreath”

With May coming to a close, it’s time to pull down the spring/Easter wreath and go with something a little more summery. I wanted something for my door that was subtly patriotic that I could keep up from Memorial Day through July 4th (or even longer) without getting too many strange looks from the neighbors. I felt that some red and blue flowers would make my door decoration patriotic without being over the top. These little flowers are made completely from washi tape and drinking straws–nothing else! Add a little more washi tape to some balsa wood boards and a glittery star, and we have a cute “wreath” that is summery and appropriate for Memorial Day and Independence Day.

ENTRY M: Washi Flower Folding Table

Before this round I had only heard of Washi tape but I didn’t own any! So, off to Michael’s I went. With my new stash of Washi, a bit of googling to find out how to make stickers out of the tape, and a little neglected side table, I give you the new addition to my front porch!

ENTRY N: Embellished Wooden Sign

This week I decided to stay true to what I love and make a super fun sign for my daughter’s bedroom. I used lots of cute washi tape to brighten it up!!! 

ENTRY O: Patterned Wall Design

I was so excited to take on this challenge because I have never used washi tape before.  I came up with the idea to create a patterned wall design.  It took 16 rolls of washi in four different patterns to complete this design.

Ready to vote?!  Remember, click the “vote” located ABOVE the thumbnail of the projects you choose.  You may vote for up to five of your favorites.  Voting ends at 12:00 noon EST on Tuesday the 28th.  Come back later Tuesday evening to see the Top 10 and at midnight to see what material they’ll be using for the next round!  Good luck, everyone!

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11 comments on Round 2 Projects and VOTE!!

  1. Megs
    May 27, 2013 at 11:40 AM (2 years ago)

    Love Entry B, the earrings! What a fun summer craft!

  2. Emily Thompson
    May 27, 2013 at 11:56 AM (2 years ago)

    I can’t see the thumbnails to vote. Great projects though!!

  3. Emily Thompson
    May 27, 2013 at 12:00 PM (2 years ago)

    I had tried refreshing… but did it again, and now I see them. and I just sent you money :O)

  4. Grandma
    May 27, 2013 at 12:02 PM (2 years ago)

    I love all of these ideas…great projects.

    Congratulations on reaching 1900!!!


  5. Randi@SowderingAbout
    May 27, 2013 at 3:14 PM (2 years ago)

    I thought I might have this one in the bag, then I saw what everyone else did and now I’m worried! What an AMAZING job this week!!!

  6. Tara @ Suburble
    May 27, 2013 at 5:41 PM (2 years ago)

    Wow! What an awesome round! I can’t wait to see what Tuesday afternoon will bring! :)

  7. Danielle
    May 27, 2013 at 6:52 PM (2 years ago)

    Wow it was really hard to vote for just 5!

  8. Jean Bullock
    May 27, 2013 at 10:06 PM (2 years ago)

    Oh, Man. I hate it when everything is cool. Makes voting so difficult.


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