Round 1: Paint Projects {and VOTE}!

Ok, friends!  It’s time to see what our Top 20 Contestants did this week with PAINT!  I am so excited to show you these projects!  For each entry, you’ll find a photo or collage along with a little description of the contestant’s inspiration and creative process.  After you’ve checked them all out, it’s time to vote for your favorites!  Only 15 contestants will move on to Round 2, and it’s up to you to choose which ones!  Your votes will determine 14 of the contestants who continue, and the judges will get to “save” one contestant from the bottom six.

One Crafty Contest

To vote, click on the word “vote” located ABOVE the photo of the projects you like.  You may vote for up to five of your favorite projects!

Entry A: Painted & Distressed Fisherman’s Frame
For this project, I went through my junk pile to see what I had.  I had bought the lures a few weeks back, hoping to make something for my uncle for his birthday next month…so I did!  I used black and gold paint on the frame then sanded it in certain areas. I didn’t use a special medium, just sandpaper. The fish was in one of my books (eek!) and decoupaged. I used an onion bag for the net and added the lures and hooks.

ENTRY B: Vintage Tray

I have used a wooden tray, painted it with a thin layer of white acrylic color and stenciled it with gray acrylic color.  Then, I put a bit of ash on it and rubbed it with my fingers onto the tray to make the used look.  To finish, I sprayed a layer of clear varnish on it.

ENTRY C: Photo/Song Canvas Art
*Note: We’ve blacked out their cute little faces to try and maintain anonymity for voting purposes, but when you come back to see the results, you’ll get to see the whole project!*
I created this canvas using vinyl, paint, and a portrait of my sister with my children on her wedding day.  It’ll be a great surprise gift for her, as it also uses her favorite saying-the sweet song she sings to her nieces and nephews.

ENTRY D: Crucifix

Who says toddlers can’t create fine art? With a little help from mommy and a hot glue gun a toddler’s messy finger painting can be not only beautiful but inspiring. My little guy and I had some serious fun working on this project which started with a huge puddle of every shade of acrylic paint I had. In the end I had one colorful boy and this unique crucifix we were proud to present to grandma for Mother’s Day.

ENTRY E: Wet Canvas Silhouettes
I’ve been wanting to try a new painting technique for a while now, so I was thrilled to learn the first round was paint! This painted canvas has many layers. First I painted the entire canvas black. Then I freehanded the tree and jumping boy silhouette stencils on vinyl, cut them out with a sharp scissors, and put them over the black paint (no fancy software or cutting machine involved). Next I painted another layer of black over the vinyl stencils and canvas. This way if any paint was going to leak under the edges, it would be the right color.  It also helped ‘glue’ them down. Then I soaked my canvas in water, squeezed paint directly on it, and used a spray bottle filled with water as my ‘paintbrush’ to push the paint around to create the cloudy sunset. Then I removed the vinyl stencils. The canvas measures 11×14 and was photographed outside in daylight. I did not edit any color in the pictures. I can’t wait to hang this painting!

ENTRY F: Upcycled Cabinet

The style of this little cabinet didn’t appeal to me at all, but I knew I could make her sweet and pretty. I rounded the top with my rotozip (not a very good job of it, but sanding helped tremendously), cut the bottom straight across, and added a backing with a scrap of beadboard. Paint and glaze set a fresh foundation, then time for the fun part. I used my favorite (so far) stencil from Cutting Edge, the Peony Allover Stencil. A couple of coats of clear spray varnish and it’s ready to house jewelry, keys, and or makeup.

ENTRY G: Jewelry Organizers as Art

When I read that paint was the material for this round, I started searching all over my house for objects desperately crying out for a lick of paint. These two Ikea picture frames had been neglected and tossed into box. Somehow, they had always seemed too cheap and plasticky to warrant being displayed on a shelf. Two coats of gold spray paint changed all that: suddenly, they were chic and glitzy!  I decided to give them a practical usage by turning them into earring organizers. I replaced the plastic “glass” of the frames with corkboard that was cut into a 5X7 rectangle. I then mixed Martha Stewart’s acrylic paint (in Summer Linen) with Mod Podge and used it to adhere burlap to the corkboard. The combination of burlap and corkboard not only added a great texture, but also allowed for a surface that the earrings could easily slide into . Finally, I used Martha Stewart’s Arrowhead to stencil two fabulous images onto the burlap: a vintage women’s silhouette, and The Graphic Fairy’s Queen Bee image. For the final touch, I used a gold paint pen to add stripes to my sweet little bee. These pieces can be displayed as earring organizers or simply as pieces of art. I’m so excited to add these  beauties into my master bedroom decor: they’re decadent, yet simple, all at the same time. 

ENTRY H: Painted Stone

For my painting project, I wanted to think a little out of the box.  I usually paint on canvas but anyone can paint on canvas.  I also wanted to try something closer to home.  And this was literally closer to home, since the stone was in my front yard.  Trying to decide what to paint was harder, but I came across a quote that I really liked and thought that was where it was at.  I had pinned a silly little picture with this quote “Some people feel the rain.  Others just get wet” and knew instantly that is what I wanted on my stone.  I did a quick Google search so that I could give proper credit, and BAM! it was done.  I hope you all love this as much as I do!

ENTRY I: Butterfly Face Paint
My favorite surface to paint on is people! I love the transformation that occurs with face paint and the looks of delight I get when someone gets to see their new persona in the mirror for the first time. When I found out that the first week’s material was paint, I knew I wanted to recreate one of the first faces I learned to do. It is a design that gets alot of ohhs and ahhs and with the right products can be easily painted by anyone!

ENTRY J: Dried Paint 3-D Painting
Frankly, I’m really really really bad at painting (two of my teachers even told me to my face that I am a terrible painter!). So, when the chosen material was put up, I thought I must somehow avoid the idea of “painting”. After a few experiments, trials and errors with paints, my desk soon became a craft table full of dried paint peels. I was trying to tidy up my desk when I picked them up and thought “Yes, maybe I can use these!”  Here’s the result: a 3 dimensional painting made of confetti-like stacked dried paint. 
ENTRY K: Hand-Painted Sign

When I heard that Round 1 was all about P.A.I.N.T, well I couldn’t have been happier!  Painting makes me happy, happy.  The quote on this sign isn’t new and I’m sure you’ve seen it all around our blog world,but I did change the fonts and layout to make it my own.  I hand painted this on mdf (no stencil or vinyl) and framed it with trim that we had left over from other projects around the house. The actual size is 17X25.  I love how it turned out & I hope you do too! :D

ENTRY L: State Love Art

Who doesn’t like to show a little State pride once in a while?  Well I do!  This fun and easy to make project would look great on a mantel or add some whimsy to your front porch decor.  I found a ‘think outside the box’ stencil last summer at a garage sale (ie: no Circut necessary) and have been wanting to put it to use for a while ~ thanks One Crafty Contest!  Pin a red crystal heart to your State, and even add a few other hearts to the States where your long-distance loved ones live.  Customize this project for your family and show some love at the same time  =)

ENTRY M: Yard Sale Desk Makeover
I got this desk at a yard sale for about $5, which was understandable because it was old, ugly, and a little beaten up.  I sanded it and made a few repairs (including rebuilding a corner which had broken off one of the drawers), and cleaned layers of grime off of the hardware.  Then I painted it gray and distressed it, and then painted it beige and distressed it again.  Now all of the details really stand out and you can really see what a beauty this piece is.

ENTRY N: Child’s Magnetic Art Display
When I heard the latest challenge was paint related, I was ecstatic! I love to paint and I’d also been thinking about creating a magnetic wall art display for my daughter (I already had the magnetic wall paint from a 
previous project). My daughter loves to display her art projects and creations but has been using tape to tape them to her bedroom walls. So the minute I heard paint, I knew exactly what I wanted to create.
A child’s magnetic art display…..the thing I love about this art display is that it’s magnetic and easily changeable. Plus, she can actually hang things up by herself and create her own art displays without my help.
Please keep in mind that the color choices were hers since it is her room, I let her pick.

ENTRY O: Herringbone Dresser

When Amy announced the challenge was Paint I was pretty excited. I’ve had this big boring dresser that I was never in love with. It’s been on my list to either get rid of it, or do something with it. So this contest was the motivation I needed. My inspiration came from all the amazing furniture refinishing bloggers out there. I’ve been pinning away examples of stripped, chevron, and herringbone dressers for months. The herringbone pattern I chose took me awhile to figure out. But once I got the pattern figured out it was just a matter of lots of taping, and being very patient while waiting for each coat of paint to dry. I’m so happy with the finished dresser, and I think it may even stay in my house now!

ENTRY P: Painted Sewing Box

For round 1 of the contest, I chose to paint my fabric sewing kit.  My husband gave me the kit years ago, when I first picked up an interest in sewing.  It’s years and years old and he chose it because I was going through a major toile phase.  Fast forward 13 years and I still use the box to store all my sewing supplies.  It’s so practical and I know that it wasn’t an inexpensive purchase for him all those years ago.  The sewing box has great trays for small items and holds everything I need in one small, portable box.  But, I’ve outgrown my love of toile and since the box sits out in the open in my master bedroom, I wanted to update it and give it a style that reflects more of who I am.  So I put Annie Sloan Chalk Paint’s claim that it can be painted onto anything to the test and painted my sewing box with it.  I used Paris Grey and Pure White and painted it directly onto the fabric and wood… no priming, no prepping.  I used an old celtic knot stencil I found in my craft supplies to give the surface a pattern… and within an hour had a whole new look to a sentimental and well-used item.  PS:  I did ask for my hubby’s blessing before I took the paintbrush to it!!  

ENTRY Q: Jackson Pollock Style Subway Art

When I received the challenge material earlier this week, I decided that I wouldn’t just use paint, I would celebrate it. Paint is everywhere—walls, furniture, even our fingernails—so sometimes I think that it is overlooked. My project attempts to make paint the focus of this piece of art. I’ve been wanting some inspiring artwork for my office, something that would not only be beautiful, but remind me to be creative. Sometimes, I get bound up by the “rules” that I think I must follow…so I need a reminder to “color outside the lines!”  I made custom stencils using my Silhouette Portrait and then layered on the paint for the base coats…then I used a technique to layer on the swirls of paint that tries to imitate Jackson Pollock’s painting technique. This modern art look is both a celebration of paint and a literal take on coloring outside the lines.

ENTRY R: Whale Bank
Paint! When I heard this was the theme I knew exactly what I was going to make. I’ve had these formula canisters sitting around and I knew I wanted to turn them into banks…I originally thought of the classic piggy bank, and the shape would have worked, but I had this fabulous grey/blue spray paint… So… We made whales… to save our money for a stormy day. The flip top of the can makes taking the money out easy, and I made a slit in the top for putting the money in. The fins and tale are a super light paper clay that air-dried overnight. I only had to put one coat of the paint to achieve the color that I wanted. We added a few details, eyes, mouth and a blow hole {of course!} and then we added some money! The size is perfect for holding both coins and bills and I’m hoping these banks will hold up for years to come. Saving for the stormy seas of life… I think he’s super cute too.

ENTRY S: Paint by Numbers Wall
For the “paint challenge” this week I decided to transform a wall in my daughter’s bedroom into a giant “Paint By Numbers” picture! She is my artsy and creative child :) She spends countless hours coloring at the kitchen table everyday and the idea of having a coloring page on her wall made her scream with excitement! She chose the picture, I did the painting, and we are both SO thrilled with the final product! I LOVE PAINT!!!  :) 

ENTRY T: Painted and Stenciled Dresser

When I found out paint was the challenge I had a flash flood of ideas.  Paint sounds so easy but the options are endless and it made this a real challenge.  I finally pulled my thoughts together and I thought of this dresser I bought at a yard sale this spring.  This dresser has been painted so many times before.  It even had that funky smell, yeah you know the smell.  I just couldn’t put another coat of paint over it.  I had to strip off all the old paint and do this right.  I painted the dresser, high gloss, white and stenciled the top and sides with a very faint, egg shell, lavender.  I painted the front of the drawers with a stripe pattern.  I used a slightly darker lavender to highlight the side of the drawers.  The dresser features two patterns, two sheens, and three colors, making it a playful yet subtle work of art.  Finally, for that finishing touch, I added white porcelain knobs.
Now it’s VOTING TIME!!  Choose up to five of your favorite projects, and click “vote” ABOVE the photo thumbnails you like.  Voting closes at 12 noon EST on Tuesday, May 21st!
Remember, your votes will also be determining who wins the prize from Cutting Edge Stencils for this round!  Come back Tuesday afternoon to see the vote results!

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14 comments on Round 1: Paint Projects {and VOTE}!

  1. TraceyB
    May 20, 2013 at 12:02 PM (2 years ago)

    My fav is #2 The Tray

  2. edith riehl
    May 20, 2013 at 12:19 PM (2 years ago)

    LOVE the paint my number wall.

  3. -Sarah- My Simple Obsession
    May 20, 2013 at 1:24 PM (2 years ago)

    It was so hard to pick, but my favorite has to be the 3D dried paint art. There is so much you could do with that! Fantastic!

  4. Tawna Thompson
    May 20, 2013 at 3:09 PM (2 years ago)

    I love all this creativity! Everything is so unique and wonderful!

  5. Marilyn Clark
    May 20, 2013 at 3:26 PM (2 years ago)

    Wow…everyone is so talented! Great job to all of the contestants! Voted and good luck to each of you!

    May 20, 2013 at 4:35 PM (2 years ago)

    I voted ~ Hooray! Thanks so much for this great contest =)

  7. craftandrepeat
    May 20, 2013 at 7:32 PM (2 years ago)

    I’m almost as excited to see what the next round’s material is as I am to find out the winners of this round! So happy to be a part of this! :) Lots of great projects here!!

  8. Cindy deRosier
    May 20, 2013 at 11:22 PM (2 years ago)

    Beautiful work, everyone! It’s so fun seeing so much creativity and talent.

  9. Kadie
    May 21, 2013 at 2:40 AM (2 years ago)

    Sooooo many great projects!! Love them all, can’t wait to see who moves on to the next round.:)

  10. Jen Nikolaus
    May 21, 2013 at 6:38 AM (2 years ago)

    Seriously awesome work!! It was hard to choose only five!!

    ~Jen @

  11. Megs
    May 21, 2013 at 8:37 PM (2 years ago)

    Entry M can you come over & do that to my desk I just trashed picked? lol Love the entries!!!


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