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 Friends, I need your help!  I have a really exciting announcement for you: on April 17, I get to give away something really cool to one of you.  Kristy from Origami Owl is generously donating a Living Locket to a lucky One Artsy Mama reader.  If you’re not familiar with Living Lockets, they’re super cool little glass pendants that will hold the charms of your choice.  That’s where the help part comes in.   I need you all to help me choose which four charms to get for my necklace!

I’ve narrowed it down to ten…here are the choices and why I’d pick them.  Take a look, then take a minute to vote and let me know what you think the perfect combo would be for this Artsy Mama.

 Choices 1-3: Without a doubt I need something in my locket that represents Little Crafter.  

 My choices for this are either:
1. August Birthstone Heart
2. August Birthstone Boy
3. Sign Language “I Love You” {this is a special thing for us; we sign it to each other all the time and it’s in one of our favorite books, The Kissing Hand}.

Choices 4-10: The remaining 3 charms should be things that represent me; what I love and who I am as a person, wife, mama, etc.  

 The options are {in no particular order}
4. Coffee cup {Starbucks…need I say more?}
5. Cross {I heart Jesus}
6. Shell {for my love of the beach, particularly Myrtle Beach}
7. Artist Palette {One Artsy Mama}
8. Laptop {blogging}
9. Purple stone {my favorite color and Ravens color}
10. Music notes {piano, singing, dance}

 See my dilemma?  I would totally put all 10 of these in my locket…except that they won’t fit.  Pretty please help me narrow it down to four by voting below!


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