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This past Saturday, it wasn’t snowing {whew!} and finally, no one was sick, so hubs and I were actually able to celebrate our anniversary!  We started off with a two hour Argentine Tango lesson, followed by dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Melting Pot!  Mmmm…fondue!  Then, we went out dancing afterward to practice what we learned.  It was such a wonderful evening!  And since hubs is lactose intolerant, that cheesecake you see there, just waiting to be smothered in melted dark chocolate?  ALL MINE!!!

I wanted to have the perfect outfit, so I put something together that had some fun sparkle {of course}, some color, and also something that would make it extra fun for dancing…here’s what I came up with!

When I put together an outfit, I usually start with one particular piece in mind I really want to wear, then build around it.  This time, that foundational piece was the diagonal ruffle skirt because I just knew it would be super fun for dancing! {I was right.}  Pop quiz…anyone remember where I got it?  That’s right, it was from the Mikarose Review and Giveaway I did a few months back!  I. love. it.  Anyway, I wanted to add some color since the skirt is black, so I went with a sequined turquoise tank top I got for Christmas from NY&Co.  It’s cut just a little low, and it’s slightly loose, which can be dangerous for dancing {if you know what I mean}, so I layered it over top of a white bodyshaper tank with lace edging, also from NY&Co.
Then, it was accessory time.  To go with the turquoise, I chose the turquoise dangle earrings I recently made {I have a video tut so you can make them too}.  
And, I was crazy-excited that the turquoise bangle bracelet set you all talked me into ordering from Pick Your Plum last week arrived just in time for me to wear those too!  Although I confess, I took them off for the dance because I was afraid they’d fly off and hit someone when I did my arm styling…hehe.
Of course, I had to wear my boots…hubby’s favorite.  Except on the dance floor, where I wear my dance shoes, that is.  To finish it off, I added a little black sweater that didn’t cover up too much of the tank {gotta see that color and sparkle!} and a glittery silver belt from NY&Co.  Can you tell where I like to shop?

 My favorite part was that on Friday, my mom and I went together to get our hair colored.  I love this fun shade of auburn…it’s such a vibrant color and a nice pick-me-up for a blah, wintery, cold time of year.  I heart getting a new ‘do!  I’m trying to grow it out for now…what do you think?

Well, that’s my anniversary celebration outfit…what’s your favorite date night look?  And if you’re not into fashion, or just don’t care what I wore, lol, thanks for indulging me today!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for more of the usual crafty and DIY stuff.

Hugs & Glitter,
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5 comments on My Style Monday

  1. Grandma
    January 7, 2013 at 11:33 AM (3 years ago)

    How very pretty…Love your hair…
    So glad you enjoyed your anniversary date..
    Cheesecake looks yummy :)


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