Color Blocked Bangles

Hey there, friends!  My friend Tiff from Banglewood Crafts is here to share a tutorial of her own with you!  Don’t forget to stop by and enter the giveaway for $25 credit to her shop!!


I am delighted to guest post for Amy here at One Artsy Mama! My name is Tiff and I run an unfinished wood jewelry supply store on etsy and on my online store. My customers constantly inspire me. They do everything from painting to wood burning, to decoupage and fabric wrapping the wood bangles, rings and earrings. The creative ideas and projects are endless. I decided to stain and color block two wood bangles. I absolutely love the natural beauty of a nice stain with the sparkle of color on any surface but especially a bangle.

Supplies Needed:
2 Unfinished wood bangles 
Blue Acrylic Paint 
MINWAX Wood Finish Stain Marker (230 Early American) 
Blue Paint Tape, Shipping Labels or anything with a Sticky Backing (for cutting the triangles) 
Mod Podge, Polyurethane, or Resin Spray (sealant) 
Wax paper

Step 1: Prepare Your Working Space 
Organize all of your supplies. I like to work with wax paper because the bangles will not stick to the paper after being painted. Therefore, place a sheet of wax paper under your working area because it can get messy. 

Step 2: Stain the Entire Wood Bangle 
Grab both your wood bangles and your wood stain marker and stain the entire bangle. I suggest doing this outside. You do not want to inhale the stain fumes. After staining the bangle let it dry for about an hour. 

Step 3: Cut Out Your Triangles 
Grab the shipping label. Peel the sheet apart and cut small triangles in the shipping label. Make sure the triangle shapes will fit on the bangle. This is where the detailed color blocking will take place.

Step 4: Paste the Triangle Cut Out Shapes on Half of the Bangle (Bangle #1)Paste the cut out triangle shapes on the outside of the bangle. Paste them in one direction on half of the bangle. Then, paint over all of the triangles. I only pasted triangles on half of the bangle but this is completely up to you and your style. You want to stroke the paint in the same direction to prevent the paint from bubbling up. Once you have covered that portion of the bangle let it dry for about 30 minutes. 

Repeat Step 4: Add two coats of paint for a more polished rich look. 
Step 5: Color Blocking Bangle #2Grab your blue paint tape and add two strips on the second bangle sectioning off half of each side. Then, grab your paint and paint half of the outside portion of the bangle. Leave the other half with just the stain creating contrast. Let it dry for about 30 minutes. Then, repeat this step to ensure a rich look.
  Step 6: Sealing the BanglesOnce you have allowed the paint to dry you want to seal the bangles with mod podge , polyurethane or resin spray. I used Resin Spray by Castin Craft. I sprayed the inside and outside of the bangles three times. Please do this outside. For the modge podge sealant, you are going to grab your paint brush and cover the inside and outside of the bangle. Let it dry. For the polyurethane sealant, you are going to want to go outside and spray the outside and inside of the bangle and let it dry. 
This project can take up to an hour or two if you include drying time! I would be delighted for you all to come visit at Banglewood Crafts and check out our blog for more tutorials, sales and giveaways. Please take a look at items you like because we are teaming up with One Artsy Mama and having a giveaway. You can also follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep Crafting!
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