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Happy weekend, blog-land!  Hope you all are having a nice relaxing Sunday and staying cool.  It’s close to 100 degrees here in Artsy land, and we are worn out from helping some friends move all day yesterday.  I don’t have anything big and earth shattering to post today, so I thought we’d just have a little fun…
Feel free to play along by copying the prompts to your own blog or Facebook and changing the answers so they apply to you!

What I’m…

What I’m doing: blogging, of course!

What I’m working on: my current project is painting a jewelry holder my grandfather made years ago…here’s the “before.”  It’s going to become turquoise to match my night table redo.

What I’m reading:
novel – The Queen and the Courtesan

Scripture – I John

magazine – the new issue of Lucky

What I’m listening to in the car: a great new children’s CD, Mr. Jon and Friends, by our friends Jon and Carrie Lewis

What I’m wearing: magenta tank top, black skirt, wide black belt, chunky turqouise necklace

What I’m eating: nothing at the moment, but I’ll be having BBQ chicken for dinner

What I’m craving: a Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino

What I’m drinking: I’m about to fix myself an iced chai

What I’m smelling: my body splash…Malibu Heat from Bath and Body Works

What I’m thinking about: having a little in-home date with the hubby as soon as LC goes down for his nap in about five minutes!

What I’m praying/wishing for: my grandmother is going to the neurologist on Thursday to see what’s wrong with her legs…praying they find some answers for her and can get an effective treatment started.

What about you?

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