Round 4: Material and Sponsor

Ok, it’s time for our Top 5 Crafters to get moving on their next projects…this week, we’re asking them to make something with:
12 Unfinished Wood Hearts - 1 1/2 inch Wooden Hearts
This could include furniture, signs, wooden beads, or anything else using some kind of wooden material.  As always, crafters are welcome to use any other additional materials as well.
Our sponsor for the wood round is a fun Etsy chop called:

The top vote recipient for the wood round will receive $20 Shop Credit to Snuggly’s DIY Supplies.

In Claudia’s shop, you’ll find all kinds of fun, unfinished wood supplies like these:
Wood Blocks
6 Unfinished Wood Blocks - 1.5 inches Wooden Block
Wood Discs
100 Unfinished Wood Discs Coins Circles - 1.5" (3.8cm) Diameter
Peg Dolls
8 Wood Peg Dolls - DIY Paint It Yourself Figures - Waldorf Wooden Figurine - 8 Person Family Set
At Snuggly’s DIY Supplies, you can also find ink pads and markers, Kraft paper labels, bags, mailers, pouches, and even some vintage sewing patterns.  Stop by to say hi and to thank Claudia for sponsoring this round of our contest!  She’s also offering all of you a special 10% discount on any order with the code oneart10!
Don’t forget, if you make something with wood this week, submit a link or a photo to me at dancers4life{at}gmail{dot}com and be featured on the One Artsy Mama Facebook page as additional inspiration for our contestants!

Good luck to our Top 5!
Happy Crafting!

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