In Case You’re Wondering

Good morning, friends.
In case you’re wondering, no, you didn’t miss the stencil round.  If you happened to see a post about the “final vote” for One Crafty Contest, it was an error.  Here’s the less-long version of a long story…I prepared the final vote post in some spare time I had yesterday while Little Crafter was chillin’ with his grandparents.  I thought I set it to post this coming Tuesday, but actually clicked the date for this past Tuesday instead.  Silly me.  So it published, someone saw it and commented, and I thought, “oh poo!  Gotta fix that!”  I went on as fast as I could and changed it to the correct date but did you know that if it’s already been published and you change it to a future date, it’s still live?  And shows up as your most current post?  Me neither.  So it was up in all its “vote now” glory {no voting enabled, of course}, and had Tuesday’s date on it until another friend pointed that out to me.  If you saw it and were confused, like, “why can’t I vote?” or “did I miss the stencil round?” let me assure you that it was all just a big blooper.  Gah.

Here’s a quick reminder of how the rest of the contest will go down.

MONDAY: Stencil round…you’ll see the three projects and vote for your fave.  The winner gets the Cutting Edge Stencil prize.  No one is eliminated.

TUESDAY: You’ll vote for your favorite overall contestant based on the entirety of her work in the contest.  You’ll get to see all five projects created by each of our top three.  Votes plus judges’ input will determine who comes in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall and wins the corresponding prize packages.

Happy Saturday!  We’re off to see a waterfall and do some hiking to celebrate Father’s Day with hubby and his dad.  I’m more of a dancer than a hiker, so wish me luck!

PS: You may have noticed a tiny change…I saw on my buddy Beth’s blog Through the Eyes of the Mrs. some tips for making your blog look more professional.  I was already employing all but one, which was left-justified text.  I’m trying to break my centering habit and see what you/I think.  What’s your take?  Is it easier to read?  Do you like it better?
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2 comments on In Case You’re Wondering

  1. Amy - while wearing heels
    June 16, 2012 at 1:29 PM (3 years ago)

    Poor Amy. It’s the contest that just won’t end for you :). Hang in there.


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