Two Funny

The terrible twos. 
Everyone warned me about them.  But you know what?  We’re just 16 days away from Noah’s 3rd birthday and we have yet to experience them.  Sure he has occasional meltdowns from time to time, but hey, so do I.  Overall, he’s a happy, playful, loving, crafty little guy and I have loved two.  Why?  Because he can do so many more things!  This year, his vocabulary went from about 9 words to more than I can count.  And every holiday since Halloween has been the most fun one yet with him because of his ability to understand and participate in all the activities.  Most of all, though, I’ve loved getting a glimpse into his mind as he’s more able to express his thoughts and feelings and to actually be funny!  I just have to share with you two stories from yesterday; you’ll see what I mean.
A Noah by Any Other Name…
A few weeks ago, hubby said to Noah, “I love you, Little man.”  Noah promptly responded, “I love you, Big Man.”  Noah enjoyed having special nicknames for each other and decided I needed one too.  My wonderful hubby decided mine should be “Pretty Mama,”…they’re too kind!  So, we repeatedly have this conversation at dinner time.
Daddy: “I love you Little Man Noah.”
Noah: “I love you Big Man Daddy.”
Mama: “I love you Little Man Noah.”
Noah: “I love you Pretty Mama.”
Cute, huh?  It gets even better.  Yesterday, we were going through our usual routine, and when I got to my line, Noah stopped me and said:
Noah: “Don’t say that again, Mama.”
Mama: “Say what again?”
Noah: “Little man Noah.”
Mama: “Why not?”
Noah: “Don’t say it.”
Mama: “What should I say then?”
Noah: “Cute Noah.”
What can I say, the kid’s a genius!  He figured out that ‘cute’ was a better counterpart to ‘pretty.’  Wow.
Now, here’s my favorite….
A Tale of Two Cinnamon Rolls
For breakfast every Sunday, I make a package of Pillsbury Reduced Fat Cinnamon Rolls.  We like a lot of icing around here, so I only frost 7 of them so they’re extra yummy.  Usually, we each eat two, then Daddy and Noah fight over split the last one.  Yeah, I know.  Noah eats more breakfast than I do.  Anyway, yesterday, Dan and I had finished eating and Noah was about halfway through his second roll.  I decided I was going to go outside and water my herbs since we’re having a ridiculous heat wave lately.  Noah wanted to come and help, so I told him we’d do it after he finished eating.  At that point we had this conversation:
Noah: “I’m all done!”
Mama: “What about your cinnamon rolls?”
Noah: “I want Daddy to eat them.”
Mama: “Are you sure?  Don’t you want them?”
Noah: “No, I want Daddy to eat them.  I want to water herbs.”
Mama: “We can wait until you’re all finished…”
Noah: “No, I’m all done.”
So, out we went with watering can in hand.  We came back in the house, and Noah ran to the table to find that his roll, plus the half a roll we’d saved for him if he wanted it, were both gone.
Noah: “Where’s my finnamon roll?”
Daddy: “Um…” {guilty look}
Noah: “I want to eat it.”
Daddy: “You said Daddy should eat it.”
Yeah.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  Poor hubby felt horrible.  We got him calmed down, though, and tried to explain that Daddy hadn’t done anything wrong.  He snacked on a few Gerber puffies and peace was restored.  But it wasn’t over yet.  Later in the day, Noah was playing and we announced that it was time for lunch.  Noah imediately put down the train in his hand, closed his eyes, and said:
“Dear Jesus, please help Daddy not to eat my lunch.  Amen.”
Meanwhile, my Little Crafter has close to 80 votes in the Gerber Generation milestones contest.  The cutie pie with the most votes from each “milestone” group will win…at first I thought there was no way we had a chance since over 150,000 people entered photos, but today as I browsed through the gallery, I didn’t see any other preschoolers with as many votes as Noah has.  Granted, I couldn’t possibly look at them all, so there may be others out there with more votes, but would you consider voting for Noah just in case?  You can vote one time every day for the next week.  Click on the photo or click here.  You do have to be a US citizen to vote {sorry Terry and Janelle…I love ya anyway!}.

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  1. Terry
    July 25, 2011 at 10:52 PM (4 years ago)

    He is too cute and too smart. I’m glad you’re his mom, I wouldn’t be smart enough. :) And that U.S. thing comes up more times than I want to admit. Bummer.


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