Tickets, Please?

So, as you know, Little Crafter’s birthday is fast approaching.  One month from yesterday, my baby will be three!  He is anticipating it already and wants to talk about it every day.  We asked him his preferences for his special day and here’s what he came up with:
Breakfast: “I want a breakfast date at ‘farbucks'” {aka Starbucks}
Daytrip: Alexandria, VA
Why Alexandria?: “Because I like the big fountain to throw money in and I like all the steps and the elevator” {at the Art Center}
Dinner: “Daddy grill me a hot dog on the grill, please.”
Dessert: “Cookies.  Wif blue icing.  And sprinkles.  I want to make them with Mama.”
What else are you going to do on your birthday?:  “Use the potty.”  Really?  Here’s hoping!
He’s a boy who knows what he wants!  When we asked him what kind of theme he wanted for a birthday party with all his little friends, you may remember that he decided on a football party…featuring the Ravens, of course.  I have all kinds of ideas for the party itself, which you may have seen in a previous post, but one of my favorite inspirations was the idea of making invitations that look like game tickets!  The example I found was for a baseball theme party, but I thought the idea was just too clever to pass up.
I looked around online and found this image of a Ravens ticket.  I don’t know if it’s what they look like currently…although I wish I had firsthand experience!…but at least in ’03 this was the design.
I turned to my trusty photo editor, Corel Paint Shop Pro X2, and whipped up my own knockoff version of the ticket.  Take a look, and then I’ll point out some of the little things you might have missed. ;)
Not too shabby, eh?
Here are some of the special details I included:
1. It’s Game 3 for the 3rd birthday, of course.
2. The Section, Row, and Seat numbers put together make the party date, 8-13-11.
3. The price, $30 {I wish tickets were that cheap!}, represents the 3rd birthday again.
4. The little number 081108 represents the date of N’s actual birth, 8-11-08.
5. The game is vs. the Steelers who are our arch rivals…mostly to irritate Steelers fans like my dad.
6. The game date and time are the party date and time.
7. I changed the M&T Bank Stadium logo to say D&A Latta Stadium since the party’s at our place.
8. I changed Baltimore, MD to our actual town.
9. Notice that the faded purple football player picture behind all the wording has been replaced with a pic of my own little player…I think that’s my favorite detail. :)
Obviously there was some info, like our address and contact info, plus the request for guests to wear team apparel for their favorite football team, that wouldn’t fit on the ticket.  Plus, I was afraid that since it was such a close copy, some people might get thrown off when they received it in the mail and not realize what it actually was.  So, I typed up a little something to go along with it.
 Now, I’m just waiting on RSVPs.  Noah is so excited to see all his little buddies {and big ones too} and have them celebrate with him.  Time to get busy on the favors!
PS – I have received a number of sweet comments lately from people who haven’t enabled their email addresses to show up.  I get so bummed when I type up a reply and then can’t send it because the dreaded appears.  Boo. :(  Please, if you’re a no-replier, think about changing that so I can send you happy messages back.  All you have to do is go to your dashboard, Edit Profile, and click the little box that says ‘show email address.’  If you do, I promise to write back when you leave me bloggy love.  And thanks to all you wonderful commenters; your words really do brighten my day.
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3 comments on Tickets, Please?

  1. Amanda Joy
    July 12, 2011 at 8:55 PM (4 years ago)

    Amy this is fantastic! You did an excellent job. I love it when kids get old enough to have opinions about their birthday parties:)

    P.S. I agree with your P.S. I hate when I can’t reply to people either.

  2. Erin
    July 12, 2011 at 9:12 PM (4 years ago)

    So I got all the “inside jokes” on the ticket except the Game 3, and I totally missed the picture of Noah in the background…and btw-it’s on the fridge-and you totally tricked Steve with it ;)

  3. Terry
    July 12, 2011 at 11:11 PM (4 years ago)

    Fantastic. You did such an amazing job with this all the way down to Noah on the ticket. Brilliant.


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