Five Reasons to Smile on Friday

Here are five reasons why I’m smiling today:
1. I made my first Etsy sale!
Janine from Baltimore, MD, ordered this custom bird nest ring with 4 eggs.  Thanks, Janine!  Hope you enjoy it!
Meanwhile, the fact that the post office decided to close five hours early today “for the holiday” did NOT make me smile.  Grrr.
2. Carrie from My Favorite Finds featured my DIY lampshade on her blog.
She also tried her own version on a pink lampshade for her daughter Natalie’s room.  I think it turned out really cute!
Here’s mine:
Here’s Carrie’s girly version!
3. Noah’s mad computer skills.
This just blows me away.  He’s 2.  Look at this.  He’s playing a matching game on the Veggie Tales website.  All by himself.  And winning.  When I was 2, I didn’t know what a computer was.

4. Little Crafter’s new ‘do.
We got his hair cut today and he wanted spikes like daddy.  He’s huge into Lightning McQueen right now, so I told him he could be Spike McCuteface.  He said, “No, Mommy, I’m No-ah.”  Part of me just wants to kiss his face off he’s so cute, and part of me wants to cry because he looks like he aged a whole year in ten minutes.  Not sure what the silly face is about, but hey, he’s a funny kid.  {oh, and his shirt makes me smile too…”Everything I know I learned on the Street…lol}
5. Bling
This lovely ring was Noah’s cupcake topper at our favorite bakery.  Nice, huh?  Sometimes it’s good not to take youself too seriously, right?…:p
A few other random things…first of all, we fixed Uncle Sam!  My friend Kristen, who’s an art teacher, suggested that we add some blue to the hats to add that “extra patriotic umph.”  I couldn’t agree more.  We went back to Michael’s and found not just blue craft foam, but sparkly blue craft foam with shiny stars on it!  I showed Noah his two options and he said, “The sparkly one!”  Yup, definitely my kid.  Here’s the new and improved Uncle Sam…ahh.  Much better.
Finally, we’re headed to our third attempt at mattress/bed shopping tonight.  Little Crafter has been having sleep issues and we’ve decided it’s time to make the switch to a real big boy bed.  He’s totally psyched about it and can’t wait for the Lightning McQueen sheets that are on their way from  Meanwhile, mattress shopping has been a nightmare.  Here’s hoping that we find the right thing for the right price tonight with no pushy salesmen!   Hope you have a great day and that you have plenty of reasons to smile!
PS – Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers, especially my fabulous bloggy friend Terry!
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2 comments on Five Reasons to Smile on Friday

  1. Terry
    July 1, 2011 at 9:20 PM (4 years ago)

    Awww, you’re bringing a tear to my eye. :) Thanks so much. And yes, I have to agree that Uncle Sam looks so much better with his little bit of blue.

    Congratulations on your first etsy sale. I know this will be the start of a landslide of sales. Yay!!!

    Happy 4th on Monday!

  2. Angela
    July 2, 2011 at 1:12 AM (4 years ago)

    hi there….i love that ring! are you able to put five eggs in the nest?


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