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Glow in the Dark Monster Eyeball Keychains

Thanks to Sculpey and Polyform Products for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are my own.

Monster Eyeball Keychains

Halloween is less than a month away, which means it’s time for this artsy mama to start thinking about what Little Crafter is going to give out to his classmates this year. There are quite a few kiddos in his class with various food allergies, plus we all know there’s no shortage of candy and sweets at Halloween, so I decided to come up with a non-edible treat instead. This way, everyone can enjoy the same thing, no one will feel left out, and it’s something they can actually keep and enjoy for a long time to come! I recently found out that Sculpey has Glow in the Dark clay, so I thought it would be pretty awesome to use it for creating Monster Eyeball Keychains the kids can use on their backpacks. Here’s how easy they are to make…



Sculpey III Glow in the Dark clay
Assorted colors of Sculpey III: I used Red Hot Red, Blue, Granny Smith, and Black
Acrylic Roller
Sculpey Graduated Circle Cutter
Toothpick or Clay Needle End Pointer Tool
Aluminum foil and baking sheet
Key ring
Jump rings
Needle nose pliers (more…)

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Watercolor Resist Leaf Paintings

Thanks to Elmer’s for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are honestly my own.


I’m always looking for fun, seasonal projects to do with Little Crafter, but each year, I find myself needing to get even more creative. If you’ve seen a fall craft on Pinterest, we’ve probably done it…maybe even twice. We’ve turned flowerpots into pumpkins, vases into luminaries, and made fall trees out of pom-poms. We’ve made bottle ghosts, fall leaf coasters, yarn monsters, and popcorn box mummies. This time around, I wanted to do something that would help hone his artistic skills and be a piece we can keep on display all season, from now until it’s time to break out the Christmas decorations. Here’s what I came up with.


This project requires very few supplies and is easily adaptable for an art class. You can modify it for students/kids of all ages; in fact, it’s even fun for grownup artists! For older kids, it’s a great chance to talk about warm and cool colors, resist technique, watercolor technique, and more. For very small artists, it can still be just plain fun! (more…)

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New Mom Gift

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KleenexCares #CollectiveBias


Last week, I had one of the most memorable, meaningful experiences I’ve had in a long time. I had the amazing privilege of being in the delivery room with my best friend Erin as she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl. Erin’s mom passed away three years ago and her sister lives in Nepal, so she asked me to be there with her as the next best thing, a sister of the heart. It was my first time being present for a natural delivery {Little Crafter was born via emergency c-section}, and witnessing it was nothing short of a miracle.


It also felt really fitting for me to be there since I was the first person besides Erin herself to find out about her pregnancy. She was experiencing some symptoms and I suggested {ok, demanded} she buy a test. Then I made her take it when she was at my house. She took the test, then called for me and pretty much threw the stick at me, saying, “Do you see that line?!” Throughout her pregnancy, I helped her shop for nursery decor, went to two of her ultrasounds because her hubby had to work, and ooh-ed and aah-ed over clothes once she found out she was having a girl. I talked her down when one ultrasound showed a bright spot on the baby’s heart and helped organize and host her baby shower. These past nine months have been a journey for me too, as honorary “Aunt Amy,” so somehow it just felt right to be there all the way from the positive pregnancy test to baby Claire’s first cry. (more…)

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Fabric Stamped Kitchen Towels


One thing it seems I can never have enough of is kitchen towels. Feel the same way? Here is a simple way to customize basic, inexpensive flour sack style towels to make them match your decor and look like something from a designer store.

Here’s what you need:
{My materials were provided by Plaid; all opinions are my own.}

White cotton kitchen towels {you can get a set of 4 for $4 at Target}
Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamp
Sponge or sponge brush
Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Paint
Fabric Creations Foam Printing Mat


Step 1: Choose your stamp{s}.
There are a variety of block printing stamps to choose from. The designs range in size from small, like the one I used for this project, to large and there are border designs available too. The stencil I used is called Small Tribal Chevron.  (more…)

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Stamped Cubes Wrap Bracelet

Thanks to ImpressArt for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own.

Stamped Cubes Wrap Bracelet

Friends, I am totally obsessed with the wrap bracelet trend right now! They’re so stylish, so comfortable to wear, and if you make them neutral enough, they’ll match literally any outfit! I was looking through my stash recently and thought it would be fun to use my small cube stamping blanks to create a totally personalized bracelet with three focal points instead of just one. Here it is, along with directions for making one yourself! I promise, it’s easier than it looks.

Stamped Cubes Wrap Bracelet

Pewter Stamping Blank Cubes, Small 3/8″
ImpressArt Lowercase Juniper Alphabet Stamps
Design Stamps of your choice
Steel Stamping Block
Metal Stamping Hammer
ImpressArt Stamp Enamel
Leather/Suede Cord
Large Bead

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