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Easter Fun: Chick Hunt!

Hey, friends!  Are you ready for a little Easter Weekend fun?!

Last year, I had an egg hunt for you.  This year, I hid chicks instead {mostly because I’m afraid some of last year’s eggs are still floating around somewhere on the blog}!  Here’s how to play!


There are 15 little chicks that look just like this guy hidden all over the site.  Each one has a number between 1-15 on its tummy, and the number is written in either pink, orange, blue, or purple!  Your job is to find each chick, then record what color that number is.  My suggestion would be to get a piece of paper, number it from 1-15, then write down the colors as you find them.  Once you’ve found them all {or given up}, fill out the form at the bottom of this post to submit your answers!  That way you can walk away from it and come back again if you need to and you’ll still remember what you already found.

All chicks are visible within one mouse click from the home page.

The Prizes:
10 winners will receive a $5 gift certificate to Goody Beads!

1 Grand Prize winner will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks!

To determine winners, I will first look at how many people get all 15 correct.  If less than 11 people find them all, those who did will receive prizes, then the remaining prizes will go to the contestants with the next highest number of correct answers.  If more than 11 people find them all, I will randomly choose winners from those contestants.  Make sense?

Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, April 20.  Winners will be announced Monday, April 21.  Good luck!

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Monogram Jewelry Box and Tassel Necklace

I don’t know about you, friends, but I love a good challenge!  Back in January, when I attended the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show in Anaheim, I got to participate in a really fun blogger networking event hosted by FaveCrafts.  At the end of the event, they handed out some amazing swag bags just filled to the brim with all kinds of crafting supplies, and they issued us a challenge.  Our job was to create an original project using some combination of the products we’d received, and they would publish it in a brand new e-book!

I gladly accepted the challenge {and the goodies!} and here’s what I made!


Monogram Jewelry Box and Tassel Necklace


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Printable Graduation Bookmarks from The Benson Street

Printable Graduation Bookmarks 2014 at

Can you believe it is spring already? April seems to be flying by and before I know it I will be needing some graduation gift ideas. Sometimes I like to give something a little personal along with cash.  Just something small that helps graduates remember that their lives are just beginning. It sounds crazy, I know but it really is. Graduation is a time to dream and start working toward the adventure of becoming an adult. I decided a printable graduation bookmark was an easy way to help celebrate graduation in 2014. (more…)

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PEEP Art {and a giant crafting fail}!

Fess up, friends, how many of you have already started buying and eating those delicious little marshmallow Peeps?  This Sunday, they’ll be making their annual appearances in Easter baskets everywhere, but did you know that Peeps are for more than just eating?!  You can craft with them too!  Every year, our local Arts Center hosts a “PEEP Show” where individuals, families, schools, and businesses from the community create and display original creations made with Peeps!  This year, my friend Kat and I decided to work together to create an entry for our kids’ school.  Here’s how we did it.

Well, honestly, here’s how we intended to do it, tried to do it, failed to do it, and then eventually ended up doing it. :)

Our original idea was to create a three dimensional Olaf the snowman.  Then, we decided that sounded too hard for our first attempt at a Peep project, so we were going to do a slightly simpler version.  Our master plan was to take this black board Kat had at her house and spray paint it to look like a sky and grass, then use Peeps to form an Olaf dancing around in a field of flowers.

Step 1: Spray paint the board.  This part went awesome.  Thanks to Krylon spray paint, it was a breeze.  I used the tips my friends at Krylon taught me at CHA; lots of light coats are better than oversaturating it all at once!   In no time, we had a snazzy looking background all ready for a dancing snowman.



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Epiphanie Bag Giveaway

Friends, I know y’all love me anyway {right?}, but I have a feeling that you might like me a little extra today when I tell you this news…I get to give one lucky reader an Epiphanie Bag!!!


In case you haven’t had a chance to hear about and fall in love with Epiphanie yet, they make truly fabulous, practical, and stylish camera bags for both women and men.  Some styles are designed mainly to carry a DSLR camera, others are designed to also function as a backpack, and others even have room for a laptop too! (more…)

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